Brown Base in Paradise Bay

Joy Sailors!!

What day have we spent today…

La Base Brown

Paradise Bay, one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Today it was radiant full of icebergs and whales, with a calm that the sea looked like a mirror.

We could not visit the Almirante Brown base, but we did exchange food with them, they arrived yesterday at the base and they had not sent them sausage or cheese, we needed flour, juices and coca cola, it is very difficult to calculate for a month and above with 2 different groups of people. They gave us in return 10 kg of flour and juice powder.

I had not realized until this expedition the importance of coca cola in the world and the lives of many people until I miss it and that I do not take it almost, but there are people who take it daily and when they lack they have a withdrawal syndrome very similar to tobacco or the lack of wifi …


Well after exchange in the distance and conversation with the military and scientists of Brown, we decided to take a hike and climb a small mountain to enjoy the views of this stunning bay. We came across a humpback whale, well a few and we began to follow them in the distance with the chinchorrito. This is another vice, you always want to see more, today’s show was simply wonderful, we have seen them jump, peek, they showed us the fins, the tail, we even accompanied one while she slept, incredible. The technique I use is to follow it at a reasonable distance about 100 meters and then I stop the engine and we stay silent, sometimes they come, sometimes they leave but when they approach us it is tremendous. One passed us underneath and we could see it in its entirety

This has no comparison with anything in the world!! Let’s not forget we are in Antarctica!! Seeing whales, seals, penguins, listening to the glaciers move, the falls of ice into the sea, the richest contrast of whites in the world, turquoise waters under the icebergs …

It’s hard to get here, very hard, as much as wonderful, is it worth it? without a second’s hesitation!


The crew is very good and very animated, they do not stop laughing, Jacinto is very funny and with Toni they make a tremendous duet. Ernesto has some great points, Andrea photographs everything, Santi and Daniela do not stop teaching us things, Lucas and Guille need someone to stop them, they are immediately ringing the bell and turning up the music …
Monica does what she can, don’t worry, we are taking care of everything we can.
Otherwise all good except that there is no coke and some more stuff …

Joy Sailors!!

Telling this our dream from Paradise Bay…


There is still some place for the Antarctica of February, the last of the season!
Don’t let them tell you…


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