Do you know how life is organized on a sailboat?

Joy Sailors!!
We are going for our 5 day of sailing, we walk among some showers, which we take advantage of to remove the salt from the body, even some take out the soap …
Little wind and fleeing from the tropical storm… After saving it we will have some wind and another motor day to finish passing the tropical calm zone.
From that moment we will have good wind and finally we will sail alone.
Today was also a good day, we had hose party, photo shoot, green ray and a very tasty dinner cooked by Gonzalo and Peter.

The crew is in good spirits.

Indeed I wanted to talk about the issue of coexistence and in our case it is worthy of study, we are several different generations, young 4, mature 4, older 3, of different nationalities, Spaniards 2, Chileans 7, Mexican 1, Brazil 1 … Imagine the lot of different opinions on all subjects, different customs, different expressions. Even speaking the same language even if we think we have understood it, it is not like that, the way of cooking, the favorite flavors of each one, is a fusion of cultures and very interesting experiences, this is life on a sailboat.
And for all this mess I am responsible for creating good atmosphere and peace for the next 60 days… It’s not easy and we’ll see how it gives me …
I want to tell you that at the moment this is a reflection with you who are my confessional and that at the moment peace and good feeling reign (we will see when the meal is finished …) is a joke …

Send me ideas

It would not be bad if you send me ideas to keep the crew entertained, I think keeping it busy will get fewer problems to arise.
I’m on call, today it’s my turn from 01h until 08h are 03:30h I have to find something to do before sleep attacks me …

Where are we?

I pass the position in case you want to come (do not forget that there are some places to come from Las Marquesas to Chile)
N 15.27 33
W 114.38.41
Heading 245
Speed 7.5 knots
Our location is 650 miles from Mazatlan
Apparent wind 8 knots from the north
We just came across a boat the first in 5 days

Joy sailors!!

We are living together this, our dream.

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