We arrived in Valdivia aboard a magnificent galleon, the Doubloon.

Joy Sailors!!

And from the thick mists of the Pacific emerges the silhouette of a magnificent Galleon, El Doblón, dream come true by a server, crazy of impulse and illusion be this titanic effort, tribute to those who by an illusion, beauty and the sea dedicate their lives, tribute to those men who were makers of their own legends, those navigators of yesteryear, nomads, adventurers, dreamers who were able to change their lives to realize a dream and live without knowing what will happen tomorrow. The more I read about them the more I admire them and that is why I may have the mission to share these experiences in XXI century version. Each one is finding his destiny or his mission, I know that this is mine because I do all this without knowing why, something inside me pushes me and gives me the situations to continue moving forward, the obstacles I do not see as such, they seem to me that they are part of the construction and go with the package. Well we are, you remember 2 years ago I wrote “I would like to have a bigger boat to take you all”, because I’m going there … I arrive tomorrow lol.

The truth is that I am very curious to know how far we are going to go… I hope you will accompany me to the end or beyond…

Where and how are we?

We are 120 miles from Valdivia, we continue to jump but with joy!

I’m on duty, my fellow guard fell asleep… How I thank him, especially today, it is my last guard and the best thing is to be alone, my Doubloon and I, here it is not easy to be alone, by the way Hernán has just gotten up and is not his guard, maybe he is uneasy like me … It seems that it will be the last day of this great trip… I love you very much but I hope soon to return to your cabin and thus let me fly and be with myself, my dreams and my worries … What is life without troubles and worries? But above all, No illusions…

That is the feeling that keeps me alive and happy, the illusions, there are times that I sin of illusion, hehehe, lately a lot, I laughed at myself and I say, Pe… Where do you think you’re going? But I go anyway, better deluded than without illusions, when you get to realize the dreams or illusions you feel full inside, satisfied and when you realized that you were an illusion, because you feel fucked and tristón, if it were not for the disappointments we would not like the illusion so much.

Well I’m going to stop rolling and the slash…

What a farewell the Pacific is giving us! Now 30 knots and we continue jumping, the crew is very tired, it is normal especially because they feel that we have already arrived and have begun to relax, it does not matter! Nicolas and I are here for whatever it takes!!

It’s cold, it’s not easy to write by jumping, I need it, it’s my escape route, maybe I’ll take up the book I started writing, at the moment there is no time, if God, Aeolus and everyone else want, we will arrive tomorrow and the day after the volunteers begin to arrive to perform the beauty operation of El Doblón

So time to get bored and write: Little, hehehe.

Arrival in Valdivia

Tomorrow we will anchor in Mancera, maybe we have a boat nearby to accompany us, we will take the opportunity to put order to the boat that with already 4 days jumping is a little messy. We will go up the river on Saturday to Nautica Kunstmann to be at the change of tides and dock this magnificent galleon, the Doubloon, aft and without stream.

Well friends, tomorrow I will write to you, plus if I catch internet I will send you photos and videos …

Without a doubt this is a great project, if you believe in it, do not stop supporting it! You have to come and sail it!!

Joy Sailors!!

We will continue to live it here, in the wonderful world of Joy sailors!!

S 39.04.66

W 75.22.24

Course: 111

Speed: 7 knots

Wind: Very cold and cold, 27 knots

Wind direction: 180

Miles to Valdivia 107


Do we have a barbecue on Sunday?

As at 12h in Nautica Kunstmann, bring everything, I have no naaa

You are all invited, Karin bring the family!

Joy Sailors!!


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