Today I explain the maneuver of trasluche in sailboat

How we like to sail!

Here we continue to give war, in the mornings SPI, at night genoa entangonado (donkey ears) to the fullest. We continue at a good pace, we do 6 to 9 knots, we are eating the ham that Nicolás Moncada gave us, I send you a hug. Now we have a course a little open, we do 320 and we should do 360, at the moment we are doing well, we are winning windward and in a few hours we fight and head straight to Salinas …

I have observed and I can not think of how to explain it (well if) that in the mornings we go much slower than in the afternoons and nights, with the same course and wind there is a difference of 2 knots, this has to do with the Humboldt current, will it be the tide? will it be the temperature? Well, I don’t know but it’s like that…

Today I had a day a little ploff, I was without energy, I could not with my soul, I do not like to feel like that, I hate being lazy … Maybe it’s the accumulated exhaustion of the weight of so many miles, maybe you need a day off… he,je

The day was still fantastic, good food, good conversations and a nap, I don’t think we can complain…
My guard is over, it’s 00 h, the night is very dark, before sleeping we are going to fight …

The maneuver of trasluche has its crumb, I tell you ...

The ship sails with the largest on the starboard side, open to the top and secured with a retainedManeuver of trasluche in sailboat
And the Tangón goes to starboard, also insured, in this way we carry the two sails open and taking advantage of the bearing wind to the maximum.
The first thing to do is to wind the genoa that is entangonado, for this you need at least 2 to 3 people, while you wind the sail you have to release the hatch and securing with the retained, then you have to lower the tangón, disassemble the maneuver completely and pass it to the starboard side. The tangon must measure about 9 meters and must be handled between 3 or 4 people, then you have to mount the maneuver again and hoist it with the hatch prepared.

Once we have the maneuver of the genoa ready, we return to the largest we must fight with it (pass the wind through the stern), be quick to avoid blows and re-secure it with a retained.

Then you have to hoist the genoa and sail!
Heading straight to Salinas.
So I’ll let you give him cane …

Joy Sailors
My dream your dream
Come and live it
Stop rolling

P.S. the position...

S 07.42.80
W 081.42.77
Heading 305 (for a short time)
Speed 7.7 knots
Chile Time 00h

Come on, we’re leaving…

Who is coming to Costa Rica?


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