We are already navigating the waters of Peru...

The sun is out, the sea is bright blue, the waves break, we are surfing, we have 25 knots of stern, this goes like a train! We do 8 to 12 knots depending on the wave, it is a joy and pleasure to sail like this.

The temperature increases, you can see how we run, we carry 2 curls in the largest and another two in the genoa, a few minutes ago the sun set, we faced a very beautiful night, almost full moon and gusts of 35 knots. The waves are starting to form with a considerable size, this is wonderful!!

Living and traveling by sailboat

As I like to sail and travel by sailboat, heh, heh, reminds me of the group that is called “live and travel by sailboat” and if that, you send them memories, I do not know why they do not let me be inside, maybe I do not meet some requirement … he,je

Jokes aside, I think it’s a wonderful name and group, unknown to me…

The Spinnaker

Yesterday we had a great day, also when they are bad I say, but they are being great these days … We had a crash course in SPI socks. It took us about 2 hours to get everything ready, it had been almost a couple of years since I hoisted it and the SPI at this time had several locations, that’s very bad for the order of the SPI.

It was great to get it hoisted correctly among all, we had to pull it 2 times by hand… It already works, maybe in a few days we will use it again.

We are 1056 miles from Puerto Salinas I think in about 6 or 7 days depending on the wind, we will be arriving.

Then I go on vacation for a few days with Erika and her Mom… What a desire I have for a family … maybe I’ll be lucky enough to spend a few days with Erasmus, hopefully

Later we will return to the load and sail with Beyond the Seas from Ecuador to Costa Rica, another spectacular journey, I think there are 2 seats, then do not come with the roll of I did not know, I would have liked … and all those self-excuses we all make…

I send you the position

S 18.20.28
W 075.27.68
Heading 336
Speed 9.6
Local time 19,20 h
Very good temperature almost heat
Good to very good tripu mood

Joy Sailors
Let’s keep dreaming together
Let’s live it

There is still some place for the Antarctica of February, the last of the season!
Don’t let them tell you…


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