Sailing the Pacific

Ciñe that girds you, although I’m not very girded I’m enjoying a lot, I have to admit that this boat is a Cucumber! How noble and comfortable! There are times when I think he found me (I’m talking about the ship). The one who sails and travels is him, I only accompany him and cover the expenses, in return he shows me the world and takes me safe and comfortable …

Really every day I like to feel more how it sails and how it behaves, it gives you what you need …

We are just under 220 miles from the mainland, in about 30 hours we will be arriving in Puerto Lucia.

Jobs on the ship

I have a good list of improvements for the boat, the truth is that I enjoy working on it, I must also prepare the Galapagos Cup they have sent me a list of safety requirements very very complete, perhaps a little excessive for so few miles, but very didactic, it will help me a lot to improve some things that I lack … It’s always good to get better.


Today was another simply wonderful day, sailing tightly, with light wind, 15 knots, it gave me time to make some arrangements, we have already caught the pace of navigation. We have a stowaway on board, he has been resting for more than 24 hours on the bow balcony, I think he is a young Petrel and it seems that our course is going great, I hope not to have problems when arriving on the continent due to the importation of birds from Galapagos (that the park knows everything and sees everything …)


I have not seen anything like it in my life, the Galapagos National Park has enormous authority and everyone fears and respects it. The park is the one who decides on the present and future of the people of Galapagos, besides that everyone there uses it as an excuse, the park does not allow… The park put this restriction and the other, even some that are invented so that you pay a guide or be still, as when we threaten children with “the bogeyman”.

I will write to you one day about what I think of Galapagos and its environmental protection policy… I tell you that they do a very good job, but there are things that I think are getting out of hand…

Now this girds that it girds you and it is not easy to write like that…

I pass the Position:

E 0.49.48
W 84.15.84
Course: 105
Speed: 7.7 knots
Wind: 14 knots
Address: 209
Temperature: Very pleasant
Crew status: Good

Joy Sailors!!

I’m going to the deck for a while to watch the sunrise and keep it that girds you…


Antarctica and adventure awaits us… Don’t let them tell you… Come and live it!!


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