Paradise Bay, an incredible day.

King George Island

It’s been a few days since I write to you, around here everything and everyone is good, some better and others much better …

Finally we arrived in pure Antarctica, the truth is that King George does not represent the Antarctica that we all have in mind, a lot of traffic and movement, planes, helicopters, Russian trucks, SUVs, many auxiliary boats of cruise ships, transporting people, suitcases and food.

I could not say goodbye in conditions of the previous group because I was doing a Gymkhana behind some packages they sent, chasing a huge and roaring Russian truck from the Second World War that everyone said they had seen but did not appear … appeared and the packages too… But you had to be watching when the package flew from the top of the Russian truck…

The expedition

Once everything and everyone was recovered, we set sail for Deception Island, against the sea and the wind… I know what not to do… but every now and then there is no other… I would have liked very much to go to the Weddell Sea, I will leave it for next year… We have been sailing for a few days, anchoring and enjoying the landscape, whales, seals and birds, also penguins, we are also sheltering from different winds and rain (a lot of rain) it never rained so much and it is not a good sign, we will also have more landslides … From time to time the icebergs attack us, sometimes we push them away with 6-meter aluminum bars, other times we have to change places… Today 2 times…

The crew

Do not see the mess and that these people have, right now they are dancing, they have brought some lights and have just placed them, the music increased in volume, the bell began to ring … We’ll see how they end up today… Pussy they have brought balloons!!
As I enjoy seeing them and encouraging them to enjoy this paradise.

Today I was a little scared, we were returning Jacinto and I to the boat and suddenly, 2 whales began to whistle and pass under our chinchorrito that at times I thought they were going to lift us through the air, I promise you that I did not approach them, they came, I did not know where to escape, It was an unforgettable adrenaline moment, we arrived at the boat with a tremendous high.

I send you the position in case you want to google

The crew… Everyone is fine!
S 64.49.601
W 62.51.661
Anchored listening to music
Wind 10 knots north

From Paradise Bay, a hug for all!!

Joy Sailors!! Today we were fine, it was a calm day of snowfall, with the sea dish and reflecting the show, whales, penguins jumping, icebergs, large, small, medium ice, dream nature sculptures, many photos an incredible frame, we had old-fashioned trade, I change sausage for flour, cheese for juices and a smile for a hug.

Today we had a barbecue in Paradise Bay, the barbecue is rich but much richer is what creates the barbecue, sharing, talking, laughing … This life is hard and wonderful, you have to be always alert, rest is messy, life flows, opportunities come and go, another of the thousand things I am learning in my travels is that opportunities are to grab them in the moment … Tomorrow it rains, it’s windy, the money runs out, they don’t want you anymore, whatever, but I’ve been telling you time…

Life is one and one’s, you have to have the best time possible and with whoever makes you or make you happy, you have to build and above all feel good about yourself …

Joy Sailors from Paradise Bay where the crew of the Doubloon dances and dances, I come for a while to write to you …

My dream your dream… Leave rolls and let’s live it what tomorrow … The same rains…


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