Permission to disembark on Rapa Nui, this is what we are working on!

Joy!! We are already almost only 120 miles away from the 2300 we carried. In addition to trying to visit and show you Rapa Nui, we need hydraulic oil, with so many tests of the pilots and a small leak that we have, we ran out and without it we would lose the government of the boat.

We are exchanging emails with the authorities and we are having a hard time understanding each other. I am sure you will realize that letting us visit your wonderful island will be a sign of openness and common sense and will finally give us permission to disembark. We have been confined to the ship since August 29 without any contact with the outside world, all in good health, throughout the voyage and vaccinated with the two doses … I believe that using common sense and logic we are no threat. I am sure that in the 21st century logic will triumph…

Look if we have been confined for a long time that we have two days that a crew member says to see the 8 passenger (we are 7), hehehe, this is getting interesting, the one who left gifts in the bathroom reappeared, do you remember?

Rapa Nui, a dream that I almost brush with my fingers

We are very excited about our arrival in Rapa Nui. We have been motorized over 600 miles just to visit it. It is not a good defeat when you come from Polynesia, Nicholas already warned us that it is not advisable. We will come every year, but from Juan Fernández that is logical. I got stubborn with life is one and one and I do not know what will happen next year, if I will be or not and if the opportunity arises you have to grab it!

For me Rapa-Nui is an icon, the furthest island from any continent, a mysterious culture, it has a special energy. I do not want to tell more because I want to see it with you, since I was a child it caught my attention and it is not easy to get here, let’s cross our fingers and trust the good judgment of the authorities.

Mess in the kitchen

Today something very funny happened to me, as I am a specialist in getting into trouble by myself, I have offered to cover the kitchen shift to a crew member and cook in my sleeping hours. I’ve cooked but I got salty food like dogs. I promise you that it was unintentionally, everyone has been of good vibes of my kitchen and the person who has complained the most is the one I have covered to rest. The truth is that I found it very funny and I’m happy because that’s the attitude… (I say mine). That and the ghost are clear signs that we need to take a walk through Rapa-Nui, we hope that permission arrives to disembark, because if we have to continue another 2100 miles, another 15 days without resting we will arrive in Valdivia to be locked up, hehehe … There’s nothing like laughing at yourself.

I pass the position

S 27.32.06

W 111.46.711 (my lucky number 111) hehehe

Heading 80

Speed 5.7

Atmosphere, we see ghosts…

Cool temperature

UTC Time 06.00

We’re here

Joy Sailors!!

Take note and open the website of
, you give yourself a navigation by the expeditions that I am preparing and you point out that I am working and you deserve it …

I am so happy!

We’ll see tomorrow…


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