With your help we will reform the sailboat in Valdivia.

Joy Sailors!!

I don’t see a cake! I left my glasses in the cabin and I am lazy to go for them.

Today I am awake, I am not sleepy, my guard starts in an hour and I will fall asleep just then. It’s going to be 7 hours of suffering (I like to suffer) no problem, what’s more, I’m already sleepy… but there is no solution, I had a good time with Hernán and that is priceless…

We are beginning to reform the Doubloon, taking measures, getting excited about the improvements. How I like messes and works, the same thing happened to me in Madrid, I need to change, change and dream … Maybe I’m getting to a certain point that’s counterproductive… But there is something inside me that does not leave me alone…

Do, do and do… There are moments that are annoying but I don’t know how to do anything else.

What is the night like?

It’s night, the sky is shining, it’s clean, we’re in the middle of nowhere, everything is symmetrical, there’s almost no wind, the boat hardly moves and I write. The words sprout to me, now it is more difficult to write to you, the computer screen broke and I have it plugged into a monitor, the glasses are in the cabin, before I did not use, now I need them for everything, I do not focus well, well I focus badly …

But I’m still writing, thank goodness that Nacho corrects my texts… I start to get sleepy, I have 8 hours left, I will fall asleep at some point, the truth is that 7 hours of guard is a lot. Today there is no wind, those of the support guard will have to be aware and let me know if something happens, for now I’m still here …

Thank you for your support

We have received over 50 emails to help improve the boat in exchange for miles for work, THANK YOU!

There are 10 days left to arrive in Valdivia, to return with Alegría and her 4 puppies (we need charitable souls to adopt them) for me it is already like returning home, after more than 6 months that Nicolas and I sailed to Seattle, what an adventure! We’re getting it

What a mess, I’m late, it doesn’t matter, I accelerate and we will get it, that’s why I ask for help and change it for miles.

I am very happy, thanks to all of you I continue to move forward and we are fulfilling dreams.

I do not warm your head anymore, I send you the position

Hehehe, I can’t see her, I’ll have to go for the glasses, I’m going …

I already have glasses, life looks different…

Well, there goes…

S 30. 18.15
W 98. 14.56

Heading 123
Speed 6.2
There is
no wind
temperature Atmosphere
, good
UTC time 17 h

Alegria Marineros !!!
You can almost see Valdivia…
P.S. Duck, check your mail!!


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