Returning to life after Covid, getting back on my way.

That’s right, after 2 years of global stop where nobody expected something like this and all our lives changed a little, today I have finally turned the page and returned to the previous chapter, when we were navigating the world without too much haste, fulfilling dreams and objectives …

Life, society and ourselves have a great tendency to self-trap.

We are forcing ourselves to stay in one place and create our comfort zone, on many occasions we are very well installed in them and in others we feel comfortable, even complaining … Making decisions that have to do with your comfort zone is not easy, you have to feed inside you that adventure bug, explorer, nomad or whatever to give a spark to life and feel the sparkle in your eyes again …

This for me has become a vice, I need that “cane” to feel alive!

As I like to sail, travel and overcome challenges… Who signs up?

Well I'll tell you a little how things are going...

We sail with fin almost stern, we have 17 very rich knots, we do about 6 to 8 knots, depending on what the wave pushes. We are 7 brave to see if I remember the name of all Nacha (deputy captain), Gloria, Valentina, José, Mauricio, Esteban and a server, at the moment they are very well, there is some dizzy but with dignity …

The sky seems broken, we have a clear and clean night, I want to remind you that Chile is one of the places in the world with less light pollution, this makes them have spectacular skies.

The sailboat

The Copernicus is behaving very well, I am having a hard time developing life on board with a bad arm, I hope not to fall, I also have to remember all the systems of the ship, which although in all ships are similar, they are not the same.

I pass the position in case anyone wants to approach …

38.50.12 s 74.15.99 W

Local time 2:30 a.m.

We sailed about 30 miles southwest of Mocha Island where Mocha Dick was inspired which later became Moby Dick.

There are 380 miles left to Juan Fernández “Robinson Crusoe” so that later you do not complain that we do not go together to iconic, rare or endearing places is what it is about or not? heh, heh

My dear Valdivia

I still walk in a cloud, about 12 hours ago we set sail from my beloved Valdivia where I have shared 2 years of life, I have treasured great friends, without a doubt Valdivia and you, my friends or rather yours, we know that this was different, that something united us and I hope it will be so for many years.

Thank you all for being there until the last moment, I hope you can accompany me on some journey around the world.

Life continues, it is the salt of life, the dreaming nomads are like that, we are sharing the world.

Thank you, thank you all and life for giving me another chance to keep dreaming…

Joy Sailors!!

My dream is our dream.

We are living it again… Don’t let them tell you…


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