Sailing from Galapagos

Joy Sailors!!!

The return from Galapagos to the mainland is more complicated than the outward journey. Everything that ran towards Galapagos now we have it against, we are girding to dog face forcing the boat just enough and we advance at just over 6 knots, we will have about 15 to 20 degrees of heel, the movements become complicated, cooking, eating, going to the bathroom, walking on the deck … Everything is more complicated jumping and leaning. This is the life of the navigator, the one who wants something must pay for it, this in all aspects, also in that of friendship as Vito Dumas said “when your friend’s hand gets hot you have to let go because you leave”

Greetings from here to the Gallardo family, some wonderful people from Galapagos who have been accompanying us during all this time in the archipelago… I hope to see you again soon…

I’m back, today I gave myself a treat, I had saved 2 cans of Asturian fabada and as cooking is a bit complicated, I decided to warm up one of the… uff how rich is that flavor to my beloved Spain …

The Guard

It’s already starting to get dark, I have 3 hours left on duty and then the 3-hour shifts start. We have to strive to meet the schedules of guards to acclimatize the body to schedule and not be so tired.

We have 150 miles from Puerto Ayora, there are another 435, I imagine that in 2 and a half days we will be in Puerto Lucia.

I like the silence of the navigation to two gives you a lot of time to think and also you do not feel alone

Today I thought about the life I lead and although we get used to everything, I thank God or whoever for giving me the opportunity. How well I am! Having a life full of adventures is for me a dream come true, Thank you all for joining me!

I continue with you in the next guard...

Here I am back, very close to the Equator at 3 in the morning, in the solitude of the night and the guard, in the inner silence thoughts arise, it gives time to talk with the other self … will it be the soul? Will someone accompany me and guide me? Will I be starting to deviate? heh, heh

This life is a crazy life, always struggling to improve and advance many times you do not know where you are going, but the important thing is to advance, get and have… This is what I believe this system in which we live instilled in us, although I believe that I have freedom, that I am a free navigator, in reality it is not like that. Although I do not plan to stop until I achieve it, for this you have to order the ideas and objectives. Many questions arise, what do I want to do with my life? The path so far is right? should I change? What change? Are the decisions I am making the right ones?

Heh, heh, what a guard… I don’t know if it’s so good to be alone… I can go crazy…

We continue sailing tight to Cara de Perro (as Jose Alfredo said) from Valencia

We have a heel of about 20 degrees if we want to get to Salinas, there is no other way to gird and gird


The wind changes speed and direction constantly, but always of the same component, its direction is from 160 to 190 its speed ranges between 12 and 23 knots, the configuration of sails that we carry needs to be adjusted constantly, curl, remove curl, so I take all night … I have solved the course by putting the pilot in wind mode and so I have the boat always running. The candle is another topic and there is no other than curling and leaving, so between thoughts I am entertained …

We are 380 miles from the bay of Salinas, there are about 2 and a half days, sailing from Galapagos, the plans are to continue making improvements to the boat, ask for an increase in the time for the stay of the boat and myself in Ecuador. Maybe the week of the end of the month we will do some interior tourism and accompany Paula to Quito, she is already leaving … The next sailed with her will be heading to Antarctica with the polar navigation workshop that we will carry out together under her direction, I think there are 2 places to cover so if you want to give her rod, there is the opportunity …

Then I’m going to give a soak of Antarctica 2 times in January and another in February, that is, this year the same thing I go 4 times to Antarctica, what a record I have …

The future

I’m thinking about what to do after March, I don’t know if you would like to sail from Chiloé to Galapagos, stopping in Valdivia – Juan Fernández – La Herradura – Bahía Inglesa – Atacama getaway and sailing to Galapagos, heh, je

As I like to get into trouble…

That’s it, the guards give a lot of time to think…

I send you the position in case you want to accompany me for a while …
You don’t see how heeled we are, I have to hold on to so as not to shoot out of the captain’s table!!!

I pass the position

E 0.17.39
W 87.00.43
Heading 94
Speed 7.6
Wind 19 knots from 178
Temperature over 20 degrees
Cheer up the crew, we are still well, we see each other little…

Joy Sailors!!


P.S. Please look at the page of, we have Antarctica, Chilean Snowdrifts, Fuegian Channels, Galapagos Cup and the same soon I take this new expedition by the Humboldt current to Galapagos, tell me if you feel like it, what do you think?


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