In Sailboat in the Pacific, does anyone sign up?

Joy Sailors!!

I’m Pedro Jimenez, I sail the world and I want to bring you with me to sail!

Uff what dream I have and that I just woke up, is what it has to sail on a sailboat in the Pacific, we have waves of considerable size and we are giving tremendous lurches. I have spent the 7 hours of rest making strength not to hit the walls, in the end I ended up on the floor. Poor crew, what a little night they have spent … It’s not going to be all enjoy… heh, heh

The good news is that we are going very fast, we do not go below 8 knots. We are already just over 300 miles from Nuku-Hiva. It is assumed that in 2 days we are throwing the iron into the water and rest…

Some waves were so strong yesterday that one broke against a porthole (small hatch) and broke it. We had to put an aluminum porthole so that not much water enters. This is the first time it happens to me and I did not think they were such aggressive waves, maybe I’m getting used to it and a lot seems little …

The fact is that I have just started my guard and I am alive from sleep

I’m writing and stopping to hold me he, heh

It looks like the amusement park, the bad thing is exhaustion and it seems that this situation is going to last another day …

I send you the position that I do not want claims

E 5.02.21

W 135.54.60

Heading 208

Speed 8.2

UTC time 14,27 h

Wind 32 knots

Waves heh, heh, through

Well, that, meneito but very happy, I do not know what happens what I like until I go sleep…

P.S. We have published a storie so you can send us questions about navigation etc, do not forget to send us questions and so I can answer you from here …

Joy Sailors!!

What a dream in this dream!!


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