Joy sailors! We are doing what we like the most, Nvegan on sailboat !

Today is Thursday, February 14. Valentine’s Day. Of course! Of course, I have to write to you!!! Thank you for being there.

I’ve been trying to write to you for 3 days and although it seems incredible the time here sailing on a sailboat is different, it seems that you have all day to do things and when the day passes inexplicably you did not have time.

We are about 520 miles from Fernando de Noronha , about 210 of the archipelago of San Pedro and San Pablo, although it is called archipelago I only see in my letter an island of about 3 miles in diameter, if we spend the day we will try to anchor and spend a few hours in it, I have not found any review of it, only that it is a point of passage to cross the equator with some wind. we are 4000 miles from Ushuaia and almost 5000 from Antarctica. That by the way that mixture of morbid, fear and intrigue, we are already beginning to think about the preparations.


The navigation is being very comfortable, perhaps too much. since we set sail from Mindelo we sail with the SPI and thank goodness it is very large 240m takes us as if we were in arms, there are times that we have 0 knots of apparent and it is still swollen as if fighting to continue doing its job. We are delighted with it.

Every afternoon we do sports, Javier Lahoz does yoga monitor, fitness, .. Almost everything, we are also doing workshops, yesterday we had sextant and Big Data workshop, in short we are very good. better than in arms according to Javier del Caño.

I try to keep the crew active and the truth is that it is very easy, they are active in nature (I think a very good group has been created), we do a daily embroidery arrival and hoisting of SPI, so we stay agile with this maneuver that the truth is that worries me, the SPI is very very powerful and if we are not clear we can spend a little fear to lower it.

Yesterday we had to repair a small slit and another in the sock, it is fortunate to have the two Javieres, they are very clever (each one repaired a part of the SPI).

We are starting to see some boat and this area must be good fishing because we have been surrounded by boats on the radar and it turns out that they are buoys with AIS, what a mosque to have an AIS mark half a mile and not see it, it turns out that it is a small buoy.

Sign up for the navigation to Rio de Janeiro

I am very happy with the acceptance of the journey that we are going to make from Salvador de Bahia to Rio de Janeiro, it looks very good, navigation through spectacular areas and a little tourism, new crew, renewal of energy and good atmosphere.

If any friend / follower wants to contact the boat to talk to Nacho who is my friend who carries the networks of Alegría Marineros and Copérnico Doblón: [email protected], he can give you the info to get in touch or also to Paula’s email: [email protected].

Look, the more miles I separate sailing on a sailboat from you, the more sentimental I get. As I would like to gather and see Diego, Carlos, Cuchi and Mercedes, Roberto, Erika, Erasmo, Luismi and so many of you.

Joy sailors

My dream, your dream, how nice it would be if you were all participants and not just virtually of this. our dream.


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