Sailing on a sailboat Heading to Puerto Madryn

Brown Base in Paradise Bay

Alegria Sailors!! We are on November 27, 2019
Sailing on a sailboat by the very 40 bramadores .. towards Puerto Madryn this is incredible not only because of the sea and the site but because we are realizing “the dream”

We have come this far to the gates of the sea for real. And we have achieved it together (well I have worked a little more) but without your company there on the other side it would not be the same, that is, we are here together sailing on a sailboat.

How nice it is to share!

I started this project of travel and life accompanied, by things of life, destiny, Eolo or whatever I am left alone without half of my breath but thanks to the illusion with which I do things, to you who feed me back and to the crews that are accompanying me we move forward with more enthusiasm than before. How nice it is to be able to be here living it, telling it and enjoying it. Thank you!

Well, I needed to tell it.

I pass our position in case anyone wants to approach

S 41.33.26


Heading 206

Speed 7.5 knots

Time 02,30 local

Wind 13 fin knots

Complete and Yanque Major

Clear and beautiful sky the southern cross accompanies us.

The crew of very good spirit, we are 9, Monica has us very well organized, 3 shifts of guard, leaving her and I of constant retention. When sailing is calm we rest a lot when there is war, we are ready for it!

The truth is that when I sail I rest much more than on land and I am much happier, the character improves me and I dedicate myself to navigate, fix some things and even start reading. It also helps not to spend money (you can’t) because on land they crush me and that most people help me and collaborate selflessly (it’s very very nice) thanks to all of you who have approached the ship for your support and time, especially to all the Uruguayans and Argentines who have helped me Wilfredo, Gabriel, Lucas, Daniel, Cristian, Viky, Nacho, all of Acal, Jose Luis, Jose and so many who have contributed your time.

I'll tell you a little...

On November 25 we sailed from Mar Del Plata sailing south to Puerto Madryn We had a lame navigation.. Da we were received by the 40 bramadores but very well teaching the teeth but with very good education tubimor gusts of 40 knots of fin and through a choppy sea but very enjoyable I especially had a pipe. it came very well to all that sea to warm up we had to seek refuge in San Blas about 30 hours we did 270 miles in 34 hours and today we sailed to Puerto Madryn, about 200 miles, we only have 24 hours of weather window and I’m running as much as I can, we’ll see if we can anchor before the war arrives .. The objective of this trip is to hide before the bad weather arrives on the maximum possible occasions to see what happens.

Navigating in this area is different from what I am used to, I like it and that is why I have set up a small team to improve the quality and safety of navigation.

Monica is sailing, communications and I have more time to navigate fix and rest then we have Manuel and Lucas (sailors for everything) know how to navigate perfectly also this Lupita who photographs everything and helps in general. In addition to the invaluable help of Ricardo, Ulises, Jorge and Alfredo (that the uncle arranges everything)

Well you do not warm your head more

See you in Puerto Madryn

Joy Sailors

My dream your dream.


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