We set sail for Punta Arenas and then sailing on a sailboat to my beloved Valdivia!

New group, new adventures, this time we are 12 crew members, almost all sailors and eager to navigate this area. I will not tire of telling you that it is one of the most beautiful areas in the world.

We will sail through the northeast arm of the Beagle, visit some of its snowdrifts, the Pia and perhaps El Garibaldi (depends on the ice), then we will continue navigating through channels until entering the Magdalena and leaving the Strait of Magellan to anchor in Punta Arenas.

An experienced crew

As usual I sail with some acquaintances, Ernesto and Hernán, they already know how to move around here and it is a great help …

As soon as we set sail from Puerto Williams we have been seeing and photographing 2 whales that have given us some beautiful images.

It was night, in 2 hours we will be anchoring in Caleta Olla, not highly recommended at night, especially if you do not know it. We already know it, we will see how we manage, what is certain is that everyone in the morning will be surprised by this “typical Caribbean” cove.

And the shipowner...

I am very happy and at the same time a little sick, I hope that in a few days it will improve.

Happy because we are closing the circle, there are about 1200 miles of nothing to return to my dear Valdivia, to Nautica Kunstmann where the Doubloon will rest and receive the necessary care to set sail again in November towards the wonderful south.

As I said, I’m a little sick and I don’t lift my head since I fell into the sea a few days ago and it seems that I got cold, we’ll see…

I want to thank you all again to send me so much energy to achieve what we have achieved, we are already a full-fledged expedition company, we have sailed more than 15 miles this year, we have managed to reach Antarctica on 2 occasions, we have visited the island of the States, Los Ventisqueros, Easter Island, Mexico, Polynesia, More than 100 crew members and all this in the midst of a global crisis and pandemic… Congratulations, this shows us all that if you want, you can… that with a good attitude and joy you get everything and that you can be the protagonist of your own dreams …

The Copernicus Doubloon

In not long while the Doubloon rests we will sail again in The Copernicus. Even being a smaller boat, we must not forget that it is 68 feet, a unique aluminum sloop inspired by the Swann, a very fast and reliable sailboat, it shows that I want to sail it. Yes, for me it is my home and we are going to put 2500 miles, we go from Valdivia to Salinas in Ecuador and we are going to become strong in that area, Galapagos, Costa Rica, Panama, Sea of Cortez and so many other wonders.

Do not forget, on May 23 we set sail… Who is coming? heh, heh

Joy Sailors!!

How beautiful it is to dream and be able to realize…

Don’t tell us… Life is one and of one…

Happy day to all


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