Joy Sailors!!

We continue sailing, this is our 3 day of sailing the Pacific. We are already 500 miles from Mexico, we are gradually marinizing ourselves, it seems that the change of guard system suited the crew well.
We sail with a sail-motor, genoa, small and larger entrepalos with 2 curls, the engine at 1500 rpm, we do 7.5 knots, we have hardly any wind, about 10 knots and without engine we would do 3.5 knots. This speed would catch us the tropical storm that is forming to our south-east, there is no choice but to run to latitude 13. It is assumed that if we reach it we are already saved from tropical storms.
We have stopped fishing until we finish eating the Marling (there is still …)
Today the sky is incredibly clean without light pollution full of stars I lie on my back I stay looking and it seems as if I entered that world of stars and nebulae. Every now and then a shooting star passes by that brings me back to reality or is heard… Pedro where… heh, heh or Peter broke… It is part of this life if you want to share it and not be alone you have to attend to them …
I like to be with people and share this immense loneliness in the middle of the ocean, here I am fine, I feel balanced of mind and body, the earth stresses me, I would like not to stop going around the world but it is necessary to return, hug Erika, friends, but my life has already changed … I’m already on this side and I don’t want to go back…
What a sheet metal…

Browse with us

You have to try this way of life even for a few days, take advantage of me and sign up for some journey of the many that we are going to do, the spirit of all this I am doing is to share it, if I do not get you to come, I will have failed …
By the way, I don’t plan to fail…
We will arrive at the Marquesas in about 18 days, we will be about 10 days visiting them and there are 2 or 3 places left, I am thinking of going through Easter Island on the way back, if you feel like it, write to [email protected] and we will coordinate it. Without a doubt it is an opportunity to make a navigation through the Pacific unmatched!

Do you want to know our position?

I pass the position in case anyone wants to approach
N 16.32.37
W 11.23.25
Heading 245
Speed 6.7 knots
It’s 00.58 local time

Joy Sailors

We are making this, our dream, come true.


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