Alegría Marineros!!

Greetings from the Pacific, one of the most isolated places on the planet.

We are 10 days sailing to any point on land. It can be said that we are alone, sailing in a tiny artifact in the middle of the immensity of the ocean.

The days are clear, with a lot of visibility; The horizon becomes infinite. The wind does not stop pushing us, we have no choice but to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Navigation stuff...

Today we discovered a medium fault. A rudder guard is breaking. It is already at 40% of its resistance, I do not think it will reach Polynesia.

It is very nice to share these little problems with the crew. Everyone collaborates and together we come up with theories about why and how to solve problems. I always try not to hide anything and share so that together we can move forward. I think it’s the best way to create a team and live the adventure 100%.

At the moment, the autopilots continue to work and will continue to do so even if the guard breaks. The guard is a cable that transmits force from the rudder wheel to the rudder itself. This cable is 8mm in diameter steel and, according to some of our theories, is breaking due to fatigue and years of the material.

Stainless steel has its advantages but also its problems; From the age of 10 it can begin to crystallize and split. That is why it is recommended to change the rigging every 10 years. The rigging is the set of cables or rods that hold the mast. Tomorrow I will start to take this apart. It has its complications because while we navigate, that area moves in addition to being in an area of difficult access. We have taken everything possible from the stern azareto to be able to access in the best possible way.

I may not be able to take out the guard, but I will try to take measurements of the anchors to the sector and to the junction with the rudder chain. The sector is a piece that is attached to the wick of the rudder in the shape of a pizza slice, by which the force exerted on the wheel is transmitted to the rudder, in addition to making a lever effect to reduce the energy needed to move the blade. So we’re already busy. You have to do it slowly and try not to lose any piece. Tomorrow I will tell you how things are going.

PS. Safety in navigation is not in danger, since we have 2 autopilots and a rudder of fortune. In addition, bad weather is not expected. Even so, I prefer to continue moving forward to find a provisional solution and request the spare parts from Spain. Tomorrow I’ll tell you who…

And in the meantime and crossing the Pacific...

Otherwise, today was a great day. The crew caught a not very large tuna, but enough, it will be tomorrow’s appetizer.

Alegría Marineros!!

Life without unforeseen events would not be so exciting and wonderful. Heh, heh.

How I like to sail and fight!!


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