Sailing the sailboat 2 people in the Pacific

Joy sailors!!

How I like to sail! It is clear that I am still a nomad and I can not stand for long, I need to navigate and do…


We sailed towards 80 degrees, I would have liked to do course 100 but I did not give the tight … we will pass San Cristobal in the north and then we will see how we fix it.

In long navigations the important thing is that the boat runs and does not go too far from the desired course, then we will correct.

The weather

From what I have observed in the weather of the area, as in the middle of the journey the wind usually gets more south and even a little southwest, that will be the time to do southeast.

Now we sail with 16 knots of apparent, we gird at 60 degrees and the boat runs although we take it a little curly, we are doing about 8 knots. I do not like to go full throttle at night and less when we only go 2 people … Paula Gonzalvo Marco de Allende los Mares herself and a server. It had been a long time since the sailboat sailed between 2 people, I have to admit that I also like to sail with few people from time to time… When sailing to two the guards are divided between the two and in the end we almost do not see each other, that gives a lot of time to think and reflect, for me it is something I need to do and I can’t, because although I travel alone in the world “I’m never alone” heh, heh

We have set sail at 18 hours (Galapagos local time). We are one block from Santa Fe Island and we are quickly approaching San Cristobal.

Tomorrow I will tell you how the Galapagos archipelago was for a navigator like me, the wonderful world of inspections and the almighty Galapagos National Park that sees everything and can do everything … heh, heh

I pass the position in case you want to Google a little ...

S 044.690
W 89.57.84
Heading 75
Speed 8.7
Wind 18 knots
We gird to dog face …
Local time 9:15 p.m.

Joy Sailors!!


P.S. Galapagos is wonderful, one of the most iconic places of nature of this wonderful planet but Antarctica is another level (you know it …)


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