Sailing by sailboat to Ecuador by the Pacific!

Joy Sailors!!

What day have we spent today…

What a marvel to sail on the Copernicus...

We are 100 miles from Salinas, the wind is starting to slack and it is getting from the southeast, it is cold!! How deluded I decided to come to Ecuador because I had been cold and rainy for 3 years (not always) and I wanted to be hot… I thought Ecuador, its name tells me that the sun always squeezes there, well, no! although we are at 1 degree south, it is cold and the sea is cool, I will get tired of heat but it will be next year when I return from Antarctica in March, I will surely complain about heat I say?

This sailing to two is sitting well with me, it has been a long time since I sailed with few people, although I am looking forward to the crew coming for the Galapagos regatta.

Sailing for two is very close to sailing alone, you have time and silences to connect with the boat and nature.

Today we had a very nice sailing to Ecuador , the sea was rough and the boat sailed with authority, you can tell that he likes to sail …

A few hours later…

The wind went up again there are 75 miles the Copernicus goes to 8 knots really that seems to like to run, I go out on deck and enjoy, what a ship! It’s colder, about 15 degrees or something less, the night is covered, the petrel It’s gone, you hear the Genoa’s neckline complaining, the boat stands firm, we carry the largest one with a curl and the Genoa collected a little, just enough so that it does not load the waves … I’m tired, there is little left, in about 10 hours we will be in port, I continue philosophizing, I better shut up …

Closing stages

We are about to close another chapter, it can be said that we know Galapagos. At last it seems that I have begun to travel and know something more than the industrial estates of the areas where I navigate, that is a good sign it seems that I am learning.

For March I will need a little help in the Copernicus, I will do work in the shipyard and then we will travel to Panama, I will need someone to help me with the arrangements and make videos … if someone wants to sign up to write to me, this will be from March to October so if you feel like it you know …

I send you the position in case someone wants to sail for a while from home:

E 1.34.990
W 82.02.84
Heading: 110
Speed: 8 knots
Wind: 16 knots
Address: 220
Crew spirit: Philosophizing in a positive sign
Temperature: Cool

Joy Sailors!!

My dream our dream
A hug from Copernicus


P.S. I have never told you the value of hugs it has for a sailor traveler? Someday I’ll write to you about it…


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