We are sailing on a sailboat to Mocha dick Island

Joy Sailors!!

How I like to score! Here we continue to give cane to life!

Don’t tell us, we’re going to keep it up until the end…

It’s 4 o’clock in the morning, you can’t see anything, the sky is overcast, it rains from time to time, some gusts pass through 35 knots, are we approaching 40 roaring? or are they Bramadors? It doesn’t matter, they are…

How well this boat sails, it is not very fast, but if very safe and noble, it is not hot at all. Balancing the sails with the rudder almost does not have to work the pilot, we go with a ratchet, a sticker, I would like to put a smaller one, but they are not hours and the biggest curly. We have south south east wind and we have had to give a few degrees to the north, we no longer aim at Valdivia, we are sailing on a sailboat to Mocha dick Island (where Mobi Dick was inspired). I imagine that arriving at the coast, the wind will go down and we can go down 40 miles or more, anyway you have to have faith … that everything can improve…

I want to thank you for the response you are having about the opportunity to change work for miles, at the moment it is only for this occasion, you have written more than 100 people, I would have liked you all to come, but it can not be, I have the full quota, but if you think you can contribute and you want to write to me at
[email protected]
that the same thing I make a hole for you, hehehe

If all goes well we will be arriving at Nautica Kunstmann in Valdivia in 4 days, that is, on the 8th in the afternoon or the 9th in the morning, tomorrow or the day after we will know exactly.

Every once in a while, in my moments of loneliness, I think again, what mess isn’t it? What a lot of miles and things to do, so suddenly, boredom is very bad and I have no end… hehehe now I’m all the time thinking about the things I have to do. I want to leave you El Doblón, comfortable and beautiful, now that I see that everything is going well and it is worth continuing to fight. Look, right now there are 499 miles, you can almost see Valdivia, hehehe after 9000 miles of naaaa …

I pass the position between streak and streak

S 39.25.21

W 84.00.73

Course: 88

Speed: 7 knots

Wind: 31 knots of 175

Temperature: cool, cool!

Atmosphere on board: arriving with joy

UTC time 06.50 h


I want to remind you that in December, from the 15th to the 22nd we have an expedition to the Chilean Snowdrifts, which are AWESOME, which is an easy, comfortable and short journey. I think the one in the south is the most comfortable of all. Come on, you can come with the mother-in-law… Remind you that they can only be visited by boat and that you have to stop rolling and come, you open the page of alegriamarineros.com

, you look for Ventisqueros and sign up, do not forget to come with friends, this is an experience to live with them and with us …

Joy Sailors

My dream, yours

Do not forget that I am your best tool and excuse to realize your dream in the world of the Sea …

Don’t be told… Come and live it…


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