Sailing to Rapa Nui by sailboat

I am Pedro Jimenez and I take you to sail the world Joy Sailors!!!

We are on September 3, we sail the old-fashioned way, without a pilot and taking the wheel in turns, although there are times when we get two at the same time to take it and we have a little mess … Like right now that I was ruling on deck and Antonia was ruling on the bridge and that’s how it was going for both of us… heh, heh the ship sailed weird…

It’s about dawn, it’s about 5.30 in the morning, I’ve just started my guard and I’m very sleepy…

Yesterday's adventures

Yesterday was another wonderful day, we kept scoring… The day was going well but suddenly the driza of the entrepalos broke and there was no other to replace it (the entrepalos is a large sail that is between the two masts) It helps to balance the boat, let’s say that in this schooner it is the one that gives us the power. The Major is very late and you could say that it is a mesana, which is helping us a lot to navigate without a pilot, being so delayed makes a rudder …

The fact is that I have climbed up to the knob of the mast (knob is the top tip) that is 20 meters (almost 7 stories high), with the new driza attached to my harness and secured only halfway up to the mast (that means that if I fall from above I reach the deck). With 20 knots of wind and with a considerable wiggle (imagine what the mast moves up there) because that, I am a superhero a little irresponsible and crazy, but I have climbed, I have put the new driza, I have gone down and I have received my dose of adrenaline that gives me a lifetime ..

Now we sail again balanced, we have even reached 10.50 knots of speed, it is dawning and I will enjoy the sunrise now I return …

I’m back, sorry, that the sunrise occurs very fast and if you do not arrive at the exact moment you miss it, do not worry that I have recorded a video …

Antonia went to sleep and Hernán took over, so I can go down for a while to write.

The journey

We have already more than 500 miles we are about 400 from Gambier, sailing towards Rapa Nui by sailboat to 1790 and 3725 from Valdivia, joy sailors, we have nothing left … milk! how great is the Pacific!! Remember that we have sailed from Seattle which is 4000 miles from here…

As I said we are crossing the Tuamotu, an archipelago of hundreds of atolls that are hardly seen and at night you have to be very aware. Yesterday we passed 6 miles from Fakahina Atoll and neither the radar nor we saw anything…

Remind you that you can sign up for an expedition, they are already occupied, there are some places left for the snowdrifts, Cape Horn objective and for one of the two Antarctics. You have to give cane to life and live it, do not let me tell you, you also have to live it …

I send you the position so that you have us situated.

S 17.09.69 (we are already at the northern latitude of Chile) only 3000 miles to the east)

W 139.46.29

Heading 150

Speed 6.6 knots

Wind 24 knots

UTC time 16,30 h

The crew is in good spirits

Joy Sailors

What a lot of miles this has, our dream.


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