Sailing to the equator by sailboat!

Joy Sailors!

I’m Pedro Jimenez, I sail the world and I’m determined to take you out to sail!

Today is one of those days that creates a hobby, we are schooning with 5 sails in the middle of the Pacific with a crescent moon and 17 knots of soft tightness.

The day was good to very good, I got sunburned (back and chest) it seems that the sun went through me… together with Hernán we have mounted a new rig to hoist another stick and it suits us very well. Now we sail with genoa, fisherman (fisherman), entrepalos 1, entrepalos 2 (the new rigging) and older, the boat is balanced, with a good navigation and crescent moon (only you are missing …) heh, je

I hit myself again in the rump and I already have 2 wounds, I have to stop hitting myself …

Arriving in Ecuador by sailboat!

We are very close to the equator of the crossing and the equator, equator… Of a total of 2800 miles if we counted from Seattle would be 4200 miles, let’s go what is said in Argentina (the return the dog …)
Although it is not the first time I cross the equator on a sailboat, it is always a “milestone” and something to remember, we will take out the blackboard and we will take some pictures of the whole crew. It is these stories that you end up telling in reunions between crew members, friends and followers. For some months I have not done any “event” in which we can meet, maybe the return to Chile is a good time. I will warn you, so that you do not miss.

The extra crew member seems not to have come today

The crew is happy and so am I,

I send you the position so that you come …

N 5.35.65

W 120.24.62

Heading 250

UTC time 02.47.

Speed 6.5 knots

Do not forget that life is one and one, take a look now at the page and

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Joy Sailors!!

We keep dreaming together…


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