Sailing to the sound of the wind rocked by the sea.

Joy Sailors!!

We are on June 14, 2022, how time flies!!

It is 23h Hours of Chile, we have a full moon, a very light wind, just 10 knots, fin blowing, the sea is curly, there are hardly any waves, we sail, we do 4 to 6 knots, you have to be aware and change the course because the wind rolls a little. I’m going to put the pilot in wind mode and so I don’t have to be so aware and I can write to you…

That’s it… I have put it at 130 degrees with respect to the bow, in this way although role a little will always be the sails in good position to work.

When you make great journeys you do not have to obsess about the course, the ship must go there … He has to run and go smoothly, later we will fight with the course …

Sailing under a beautiful full moon

As I like to sail, as I told you we have a full moon, the boat is silent, everyone except Leticia sleeps, this is a cure of nerves, what peace!. Even today I had time to do some breaths and feel my body a little, heh, heh, as I continue like this I end up doing yoga

Well the pilot in wind mode has his technique, I had to go to fiddle a little, if there is little start the pilot is so obedient that he fights a lot to stay the course and this slows him down a little …

The temperature is improving, it is no longer cold, nor hot, we are about 1250 miles from Salinas, tomorrow we will play with the SPI and after a good wind of up to 25 knots arrives we will fly … At the moment it’s time to watch the candle… he,je

The crew is fine although we walk with a little colds and a little cough, the mood is good, there are still just over 10 days in a row of crossing.

I pass the position in case you have to come and get us

S 21.54.17
W 072.26.56
Heading 314
Speed 4 to 6 knots

Joy Sailors!!

I want to start complaining about the heat, heh

Joy Sailors!!


I want to remind you that the following navigation is from July 27 to August 14 from Puerto Salinas in Ecuador to Puntarenas in Costa Rica that there is some place left and “do not tell you” come and live it.


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