I’m Pedro Jimenez and I take you to navigate the world this time sailing towards Rapa Nui

Joy Sailors!!

What a joy to write to you again… Every day I wait for this moment to vent with you…

Today was a great day, we are already aware of taking the boat directly to Rapa Nui the old-fashioned way, taking it by hand, the pilot thing we have left for impossible. Nico does not want to continue fighting, one day he will try again, for now it is good that the crew is taking the roll to the wheel for when harder times arrive. In addition we are learning to level the sails and you just have to correct it from time to time, it is an advantage to have a keel run and a lot of length, the Doubloon keeps the course very well.

Tomorrow we will arrive in the area of the Tuamotu archipelago and you have to be very aware, this area has many atolls and the charts are not very reliable (they say it is one of the most dangerous areas in the world …) Let’s hope we don’t end up on any atoll…

As I said today was a great day, good temperature, a clear day, music by Juan Otazo dj (I recommend it), there are some sessions called Pink café that have no waste, we were dancing for a while the 3 generations that we are sailing together …

The Guards

Now it is 00h of the day (I do not know very well) but I have made a mistake and I started my guard an hour before, I am going to be a little long this guard of 8 hours.

Today it’s my turn as fellow guards to Hernán, Julio and Thaís, I will try to rest during Julio’s guard so as not to stay with my jaw dropped in the last hours …

The truth is that having to carry the boat by hand has its advantages, you are more aware of navigation, it makes you more connected with the sea and the wind, it serves me as therapy (as you will see all are advantages)

The sea is an intense blue, the sky begins to have clouds and the temperature is dropping little by little, at night you need some shelter, in general everyone is fine. There are still more than 1800 miles and then another 2000 and peak to Valdivia, so there is a lot!

Where are we?

I pass the position in case anyone wants to visit us or take a look at the google maps or embark on Rapa Nui … I think we will arrive in 15 days

S 14.07.16

W 139.57.138

Heading 180

Speed 5.5 knots

Wind 17 knots and we are sticking to 50 degrees

I hope that in a couple of days the wind changes and we can start doing this south east…

Because if we are not going to pass by…

About working on the ship

I would like to clarify the search for helpers to prepare the boats in exchange for taking you to sail.

This great opportunity… is from October 10 to December 1, will work on the boats from October 10 to November 10 and in exchange for your help I take you to sail from Valdivia to Ushuaia and if you can, we will pass through Cape Horn itself

On the boat you are offered food and overnight, the work is about 9 hours a day or more and you have to move to Valdivia (Chile) and then return from Ushuaia (Argentina)

So you know if you want to have an adventure in exchange for work, this is the opportunity! It is very important that you tell me what job you have to know if it is valid for the repairs we are going to do, welding, electricity, plumbing, painting, electronics, etc.

I forgot to tell you about heaven…

What a heaven! The moon is waxing and does not rise until very late, now the sky is confused with the sea and the feeling of sailing between the sky, the sea, the sound of water and wind is to open your eyes and believe that you are dreaming. I don’t think you find in life a greater feeling and connection to the energy of life than this. Alone in the middle of nowhere or completely where everything is immense, infinite and symmetrical… What a good life we have…

Let’s keep dreaming

Joy Sailors!!

Don’t tell us, let’s give cane to life!


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