How lucky to sail with good crew!

We are 15 miles away from finishing this great journey that sailed in Valdivia (Chile). We have more than 2,560 miles, we have gone from frost in the mornings to shorts and the sun, how much I want sun!

I hope you enjoyed sailing with us through these stories, thank the 2 crews that have accompanied us:

José, Valentina, Mauri, Gloria and Esteban. In the second we have the great Hernán, Carolina, Leticia, Quique, Nacha, Rodrigo, Mauri again, what good crews!

How lucky I am to always surround myself with such good people… A hug to all!

We continue sailing, of course, we will arrive at dawn, the night is very dark and starry, the luminescence is very strong and The Copernicus continues to sail with amazing smoothness.

We have 16 knots of stern and we sail at 9, this boat is very well designed, when it sails you can see that it has hardly any resistance against the water, this is noticeable by the noise, you feel like it does not try, rather you feel it integrated into the Sea.

Resuming my journey

How wonderful, how I like to sail!
Now we will arrive in front of Puerto Lucia, we will anchor, we will make ourselves available to the authorities, we will sleep and tomorrow we will enjoy the “adventure of entry to a new country” I do not think it can overcome Chile … We’ll see… he

For me this journey was very important, after 2 years a pandemic, an expedition company to Antarctica, I have started again and we return to “navigate the world”.

I have practically forced myself to do it, the responsibilities on land and the friends tie a lot in Valdivia and especially in Náutica Kunstmann I have felt at home, the friendships were becoming strong and the more bonds you create, the more difficult it is to set sail again…

There was El Doblón at the controls of Vicky, Lucas and Guillermo, they are fighting for the dream of the expeditions and allowed me to continue with my other dream, Thank you!

Do not forget the team of Spain… Roberto, Carlos Abad, Nacho, without them we would have no future… Especially Roberto, thank you Roberto!

I send you the position

Now you could even come by bus to visit you or send us a ham … Will there be hams in Ecuador?

S 02.19.28, which near the equator
W 81.07.05
Heading 005
Speed 8 knots
Very, very good temperature

Next navigation

The next time we go sailing will be with Paula herself from Allende los Mares, to see if I learn to use the sextant once today I take it out and I realized that I do not remember anything …

We are going with her co-captaining from Ecuador to Costa Rica, I think there are only 2 places left, are you going to miss this navigation with how didactic and fun Paula is and a server that pulls and pulls without stopping? you shouldn’t…

Get in touch with the Whatsapp of Alegría sailors and I will tell you how to do…


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