Sailing with little wind in the Pacific

And as of the thick mists of the past centuries, traveling the shortest distance from the American continent to the Galapagos, enjoying a navigation without haste, almost without wind, where time becomes long, it makes you think and think …


There are not so many of us who love this way of life and fewer who can realize this our dream … I feel lucky and deep inside me is born a smile of what has been achieved so far, although I should not complain, this idyllic life has another side not so much, much more than I myself believe, from time to time someone asks me how are you? Was it worth it?… Of course you are going to answer “Well, yes”, but really inside me is the truth that we all carry inside. In general calculation “I do not regret” I think it was one of the best decisions I made in my life of adventures …

For me everything was always adventure, I think it’s the best way to spend life, like a great adventure full of chapters and episodes. I see it as a series and I always want to know what happens next.

Yes I am happy with the change of life, although there are many things that I lose and miss, especially on days like today that I am a little Ploff.

It’s worth tostón and gray and deep feelings, Joy Sailors!

We will continue to give cane to life as it deserves …


We have been sailing for 2 days without much wind, especially now that there are 240 miles left. The wind rolled to sw and dropped to 7 or 8 knots, sailing with little wind, 5 knots peeled, all the cloth on, the sun has already set and the sea is curly, the night is black you can only see the intumescence of water shining at the touch of our helmet. It misses moments like the one in the photo…

The crew

All the crew have slowed down, it is also due to the days of regatta and tension that we have passed, some pending the boat and others pending the damn bureaucracy …

It’s been 20 days that we’ve been together and at the moment we get along well… he,je

Maybe you have to start the engine, the sails start to flutter, the boat makes something less than 4 knots, exactly 3.2 with 5 or 6 knots of apparent wind, dare that the thing does not look good …

When this happens I always wait about half an hour, on many occasions the wind returns, today I will tell you …

The crew is calm and rested, so am I.

Today was one of those days that nothing happened, these days are fine but I need action!!

Joy Sailors!! We have a crew member who thinks he makes the Spanish omelette at my level, I’ll tell you …

Well I pass the position in case you want to look a little at the panorama:

E 1.12.230
w 84.37.131
Heading 92
Speed 4 knots
Wind 7 knots

That said, sailing with little wind …

Joy Sailors!!

See you soon, some in Spain, others in Antarctica

Let’s not let them tell us or make us think this is for others…

Let’s live it


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