I have to admit that this journey is getting long, long although we have just over 2 days to arrive in the navel of the world, this journey should be done backwards from east to west and so we will do it next year (Valdivia / Juan Fernandez / Rapa-Nui).

As I told you, it is getting long because we have headwinds and we are girding to dog face … With the help of an engine, if it were not for the desire and illusion of visiting this magical island, we would have continued towards Chile (Valdivia).

The crew is cheering up, there are only 350 miles left (we have more than 8000 from Seattle), stop

ce as if it were 2 years ago that Nicolas and I traveled to Seattle to see El Doblón…

What a barbarity! The ones I’m able to keep messing around and I thought I was getting old.

Today during dinner we talked about the amount of teamwork on the sailboat done, that peeling of living work … I only at 88 feet, it is not a joke either the peeling of the entire deck with Cristian Navarrete, that well was the cover thanks to the work of David Cuet

or, the help of LiLY, Cristian, Coralia, the work of Nicolas and his technical support, it was incredible what we have done together, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Joy Sailors!!

Do not forget the support from Spain, Roberto, Tatiana, Nacho, Carlota, Carlos, among all we are an unstoppable team, now we have to start giving results and start this great dream / project, hehehe … What a mess!!

Everything is blamed on the pandemic, I in Chile bored of not being able to do almost anything and I can think of nothing else but to buy a schooner and roll it brown …

We’ll see how far we’re able to go…

Well, it seems that finally the wind rolled a little and we can go straight ahead. The sea is also calming, I can now write without falling off my chair.

I’m really looking forward to showing you Rapa-Nui and I hope I won’t have any problems getting in.

We are scoring with ratchet, between sticks and major supported with the engine and girding at 30 degrees, the sky is fine, clean and starry, the moon is growing and I am on duty alone and writing, better can not be!

On the boat although it seems a lie, I need to be alone, within the feeling of loneliness that gives you a journey of this magnitude and when a crew member falls asleep, I do everything possible so that he does not wake up …

I pass the position and I hope to see you soon:

S 28.08,18

W 116.15.900

Course: 83

Speed: 6.5

Time: UTC 11.30 h

Temperature: keeps cooling

Crew environment: Very good

P:S: Thank you all for being there.

Joy Sailors!!

Let’s not miss the opportunity to make what we dream come true…

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