Today I will talk about the doubts of the adventurous captain who signs this post.

legria Sailors!!

How great is the Pacific! but very big… So big that 1000 miles is nothing to him… We have been giving it cane for more than a week and we barely crossed it.

Today the sky is fine, the moon is waxing but it has already hidden, it went after the Sun, it went west a couple of hours behind the sun.

It seems like a sign… It shows me where to return.

I think next year I will return with Copernicus and with Alegría and we will stay a couple of years living it.

Polynesia must be discovered, it is like the Caribbean but to the beast.

I want to know every atoll, every island, every sensation. Life is one and if it gives you the opportunity we have to enjoy it, follow our dreams, what a good life! But what mess do I get into (I like messes) are life, there are times I wonder what the fuck are you doing? Why are you here? Who brought you? Where are you going? What will happen? Are you doing well? did you go crazy? Are you insatiable? Are you dreaming? Why do you do this?

And I have no answer, I do not know why I do it, there are times that I do not know where I am, will it be the syndrome of the nomad? Maybe I’m not and I think yes, what is the reality?

Am I doing well? I need a psychologist because the fuck do what I do? Am I a slave to myself? heh, heh . Je

As you can see I am full of doubts but what is life without a doubt? It would be predictable and boring. Maybe safer but pussy, as I like to live on the edge…

So far the doubts of the adventurer.

Joy Sailors !!!

I pass the position so that we confirm among all that yes, that I am still here …

S 22.53.57

W 127.09.217

Heading 90

Speed 6.70

Good temperature but it’s getting cool

Atmosphere, good

UTC time 05:00 h

Joy sailors!!

I wait for you in Rapa Nui

To take you to Valdivia I think it is a great opportunity tourism and fin navigation

I do not need to tell you that life is one and one and that you do not have to wait for the next one to make and fulfill your dreams…

Don’t tell us… Let’s live it!


Jackeline woman of July please look at your mail, everything is fine but we have Julio very sad you do not pay attention … he


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