The hospitality of Rapa Nui and its people

Joy Sailors!!

What a lot of waves! What a wind! Nice!

We set sail yesterday, almost at dusk we finished circumnavigating Rapa Nui, we had a little internet, we said goodbye to the island, our family and friends. We headed south east and sailed!!! As I like to sail…

Tremendous, breaking waves and constant wind of 25 to 35 knots, the only thing that is not going well is the direction of the wind and we are girding… It will change.

The hospitality of Rapa Nui

I want to thank the people of Rapa – Nui for their hospitality. Although they did not let us step on land, we felt very welcome, we received gifts, fruits, vegetables, marraquetas, wine from the Brothers of the coast, from the association of winsurfistas of Chile. We also received a couple of visits from locals, always with gifts, thank you very much for making us not feel alone and helpless.

The other part of reality we all know what “the administration” is like… She is inflexible and perhaps indeterminate, like me… lol.

That part has no fix (nothing ever happened to do nothing) and we are a problem. It doesn’t make sense for them to support us and take responsibility for something they can avoid… It is normal and I also understand you, we will return, but having it so close with how far it is, the truth is that it annoys a little …

Well, here we are sailing tightly, I have one foot leaning on the wall so I don’t fall, hehehe

The day was very beautiful, the sun gave with joy and this raging Pacific with breaking waves is beautiful. I take pictures and some video but it’s not the same as being here.

There are 1850 miles left, now we head east, the day after tomorrow we can do southeast and little by little we are reaching the end of this great journey. It is not a minor trip, from one hemisphere to another, from the north of the world to the south of the world, it is hard but it is incredible, I am catching the roll to this of doing miles and miles. What do you think if we organize in a couple of years a trip around the world with some scale? It’s not going to be all sailing…

I pass you the position that I do not want you to be lost …

S 27.10.05

W 107.15.26

Heading 85

Speed 6.5

Wind 28 of 175

The temperature cools…

Joy Sailors

A hug for all.


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