The joy of sailing and picking up where we left off!

How good to be with you again!

Every day I look for the little time to write, it’s like a therapy with you.

We have been sailing for a few days since we set sail from my beloved Valdivia, the weather could not have been better, fin winds and now soft through, these days I have reconciled with the Copernicus, he likes to sail and run (like me), maybe that’s why we get along well …

Resuming the journey

I have started again with my great journey. It was the goal I had when we set sail from Spain, the pandemic as we all removed our plans, but here we are, stronger … Well I do what I can and thinking about it, what I can seems like a lot, take advantage of the pandemic to invest instead of conserving, now it looks positive but in the pandemic it was crazy or at least many made me see it … Surely they were right, but it is already known that against the fighting dreamers, little can be done, so here we are, continuing with “this our dream”.

Heading north, towards Ecuador, my/our plans go to Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia, India, Japan, China, Philippines, Africa… There is so much to see and discover…

How nice what I tell you, I do not know if I will get it but here I go! also with a smile on his face… Who’s coming? Let you know that I am going!!!

The journey

We are as I told you about 240 miles from Damas Island, the wind in a few hours will disappear and touch trucker roll … But we can say that 90% was pure sailing, at the moment we are still sailing, we have 11 knots of apparent and sail at 8 knots (which lasts).

From next week when we set sail from La Herradura to Ecuador, everything will be new to me and everything new I love, it’s like living again, getting out of the monotony is wonderful, we should practice it more often all.
Today the navigation has been beautiful, with sun and clouds, some shower, with whale included, a wonder of day and life … If you can you have to live it!

Remember that we have new pending navigations:

Ecuador – Costa Rica
Costa Rica – Panama
Panama – Ecuador
Ecuador – Galapagos Cup

and then we have a lot of Antarctica, Snowdrifts and some more surprises that we will see …

Joy Sailors!!

Telling this our dream from Paradise Bay…


Let’s dream it and then tell it…

A hug to all, thank you for joining me on this new voyage that I have just reactivated which is CONTINUE SAILING THE WORLD!

There is still some place for the Antarctica of February, the last of the season!
Don’t let them tell you…


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