The rhythm of Antarctic navigation

What a wonderful messy and emotional day we had yesterday…

Some crew members who set sail for their lives and others who arrive from them, all with emotions on the surface, friendships that are created… Keep in mind that this expedition will never be forgotten, this is not just another summer in the summer residence of some friends … This is to visit and know Antarctica, live moments totally free of wildlife that must be enjoyed, contemplated and valued.

The human being always wants more… In addition to the fact that we almost live accustomed to dominating our present and near future, we do not like to be exposed to free will or the uncertain future, we are bothered by everything that does not come to our liking and we have stopped being patient …

How is the pace of Antarctic navigation?

Well here in Antarctica this changes and you have to learn to accept it, the wind, the light, the snowfall, the visibility, the sun, the time waiting for a storm to pass… All this slows us down and conditions us to learn, to wait, one wants to take advantage of 100% of the little time you will be in Antarctica but nevertheless you have 75% of usable time (if you are lucky). These stops and delays in time must be learned to perceive them as part of the experience, there is no other way to see it, life at sea has another rhythm, so it is and will be, if it were for me I would slow down one more change …

The Crew of Piloto Pardo

I want to apologize to the group of the Brown Pilot Expedition of the first half of January for not having been able to say goodbye to them properly,
From here I send you a very strong hug, my respects and recognition for being such nice patients and good people!
It has been an honor to meet you, I hope to sail with you again and I want to tell you that I feel indebted and grateful to all of you.

Thank you

Alegría Marineros, for a few days we made this dream a common project…

An airport in Antarctica

King George Island belongs to the South Shetlands, an archipelago about 70 miles north of the Antarctic Peninsula, this place has not much interest only 3 bases, Chilean / Uruguayan / Russian.

And the infrastructure of a small but busy airport, for you is a great solution because you can save time to enjoy Antarctica and not have to cross the Sea of Sickles that are 4 days round trip and others back … in exchange for 2 hours of plane…

Once here it is best to visit Antarctica on a sailboat in which you have constant 360 degree vision and live nature at the height of itself being able to enter unique places.

The new crew

Now we are sailing with a new group we are just getting to know each other

Andrea, Monica, Jacinto, Tito, Ernesto (it’s already the 3rd or 4th coming)

We had the last minute leave of Ruben who I know was very excited to come… From here I send you a hug and I hope everything is fine very soon.

We are all looking forward to taking a walk through Deception and start discovering Pure Antarctica.

Joy Sailors!!
Let’s continue to fulfill and make dreams possible…


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