The sailboat guards, the shifts and the sleep!

How do we organize the guards on the sailboat?

Joy Sailors!!
We are on July 11 of the pandemic year…
We continue sailing, we are in a hurry to reach latitude 10 and leave tropical storms and possible hurricanes aft.
We are already 400 miles south of Los Cabos, we support ourselves with the engine and the genoa, we make 7 knots, we have 10 knots of tight wind and if we went under sail we would do 4 knots, it would not give us time to escape the tropical storm that is forming to our southeast …
The atmosphere is good yesterday Nicolas decided to change the system of the guards on the sailboat to give a little more rest to the crew now they can rest up to 9 hours and one does not guard every 9 days, let’s try a cycle and see what happens … For our part the guards are 7 hours so we will sleep a little more.

How was the day?

Yesterday we saw a huge whale, we stopped for a while to take a bath with 3000 meters under the keel, I had a couple of breakdowns to solve, without much importance a bath …
We are accompanied by a group of very young Albatross relatives for 2 days. We have stopped fishing because with the Marling that Ernesto caught, we have no capacity to freeze more. It was a struggle of more than an hour and a half with the Marling that weighed more than 50 kg.
and if it were not for the seafaring expertise of the crew we would have lost it…
I am very happy with the boat, I think it will be able to perfectly fulfill the projects I want to do, see what you think …

Upcoming crossings

November 11 heading to Cape Horn by the Pacific to Ushuaia (for experienced sailors)
– December Snowdrifts (adventurers of any condition)
– January Antarctica (dreamers)
– February Antarctica and its bottoms (divers and dreamers)
– March Fuegian Channels to Valdivia (dreamers, nature lovers)
– April Pacific Crossing to the Marquesas (dreamers)
– May and June Marquesas and French Polynesia, (dreamers)
– July Pacific Crossing, Easter Island, Chile (dreamers)
Tell me what you think? It is very important that you start booking intention of place at least the restrictions are ending and places are limited

Joy Sailors

We are achieving this dream, let’s live it!


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