The sailor's mind, his transformation.

Joy Sailors!

It starts to get cold, it rains frequently, the days are very clean and there is a lot of visibility. The sunrise is a spectacle and the sea is strong blue, it looks clean and pure. We do not see any boats, from Seattle I think we have seen 3, this area is not very crowded, we are alone, we are like an oasis of life in the middle of the ocean. I’m getting used to it, but if you think about it a little, it’s the milk! Now we are 8 crazy adventurers who have thrown ourselves into the sea, to cross 2 times the largest ocean on the planet and we see it as something natural, hehehe

The change

But how do I like it!!! Being crazy and adventure, this is a cure for the bad habits of the system, there are no social networks and we receive some mail, we have time to meditate, be calm. Here the speed is another, much more natural and human, there is no hurry, we go with the wind, we learn to understand each other and if not, after a few hours we have understood, we learn to forgive ourselves, have patience, to listen, to observe the sea, the waves, the clouds, the sails, and most importantly ourselves, what do I want, what do I have to improve, what do I feel, in short this is a cure of stress to the beast, it certainly changes the sailor’s mind. We’ll see when we get ashore how we integrate into society… he

Where are we?

Finally we sail straight to Valdivia 130, we have fin wind of 15 knots we make 6 knots and the boat moves little, I am on duty, everyone sleeps, it is beginning to dawn and I am with you, you see three downpours, in bow, port and starboard aft the sky is clean and the light is increasing. What a lot of shades the sky has and the sea reflects the tones of what happens in the sky, the moon is waning, it still has strength …

Happy day to all

Joy Sailors

Let’s navigate this, our dream!!

The time to live it is now!!

Do not forget to reserve your place in this dream, on this same website, look for your journey, book it and let’s go, do not leave it for the end that then there will be no room …


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