This is your boat! arriving in Valdivia!!

Well, if, what a sail, we have been 3 days with more than 25 knots, from tight to dog face, the sea with breaking waves, very often, some waves fall on the deck and we are somewhat tired of being heeled …

The boat is very well insulated and from the cockpit everything is controlled very well, but when you go outside, there is a tremendous scandal, we ride the waves and from time to time 2 or 3 large ones arrive that remind us that here who commands is the sea, without any doubt. We can only negotiate the storm and it is when one appreciates being in a boat of great length, the 88 feet and its keel run gives us incredible security, this journey in a 40 feet would be much harder without any doubt.

So if you want to live the experience of a great sailing, THIS IS YOUR BOAT.

The night

The night is clean and starry, the breaks of the waves bring luminescence, you can see to our starboard La Cruz del Sur, this is a navigation of those who make a hobby and here we have almost all.

We are 260 miles from Valdivia, we sail at 50 degrees, the waves try to slow us down and they succeed but little. The inertia and weight of this boat are responsible for making our fight to tell the sea smooth.

Joy Sailors! How I like to sail! At times I feel like the sailors of yesteryear, but the reality is that now with so much help and technology I should not give them so ready!

Attention Friends of Valdivia:

Maybe we are arriving at the bay of Corral on Friday at about 16 hours, tomorrow I confirm, I say it because maybe some of you want to come to make these last miles of this great trip next to El Doblón, if not I will see you on Sunday …

I pass the position:



Heading: 120

Speed: 6.5 knots

Wind: 28 knots from 190

Temperature: cold

Crew spirits: Desperate to get there… It’s normal.


Alegria Sailors! Let’s not sing victory, there are still miles left, but even so I want to thank all those who are there supporting, those who came to Seattle, the crew of this great adventure, those who wait for us in Valdivia, those who patiently wait for me in Spain.

We will continue to enjoy and give cane to life!

Let’s continue with our dreams!!


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