Joy Sailors!!

I’m Pedro Jimenez and I sail the world

Today was a hard day of sailing (how I like these days), the only bad thing is that you get tired and you have to give it. We had a lot of sails, the day started with the big entrepalos, the fisherman’s sail, genoa and major. The wind began to intensify, we removed the largest one, then the fisherman’s and then the large interstick that we changed for the small one and hoisted the largest one with the two curls. It seems that this configuration is the most stable and holds up well to 25 knots,

The life of the navigator

I hurt my hand releasing the big stick, you can not imagine the strength of that sail carrying 25 knots, the neckline is put like a guitar string and when grinding it The whole boat shook, it almost escaped me Shortly after hoisting the small stick I also hurt my leg because it almost flew the neck, I managed to get out but I found the Genoa cleavage and the ground … anyway the video will be very funny if we put the music of Benny Hill …

We have some casualties, Peter is sick, he has a little fever, Thais is exhausted, he has been doing the worst guard for a week and he can’t sleep… In a couple of days everyone will be fine

I estimate that in about 12 days we will be arriving in Nuku-Hiva and we will be able to rest.

The sea is a little messy and that has us exhausted. Today I had to cook because with so much wiggling the crew are not used to it.

I’m very happy, I like to overcome difficulties, the truth is that I like to hit myself … What a weird uncle I’m made of…

I’m sleepy, I’ve slept 45 minutes, I’m going to cover the guard of a crew member for 3 hours, then I rest another 3 to do my 7-hour watch. I just hope the day isn’t as intense as today.

By the way the “Ghost of gift in the bathroom” reappeared, it is clear that there is someone else in El Doblón

There are free places!

Tell you that on November 10 we sailed from Valdivia to Ushuaia doubling Cape Horn on the outside, which is a unique opportunity in addition to the two canned boats. Write on the page of
and sign up, the squares are running out…

I can’t say anything else what,

Joy Sailors

We already have 2 dreams in which to realize this, our dream


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