We have stopped fishing in the Pacific

Take it now!!

Joy Sailors!!

I’m Pedro Jimenez and I take you to sail the world.

We continue schooning, 5 candles now if we are girding! 20 degrees heel, 25 knots amura, 7.5 knots speed 1300 miles from Nuku-hiva. We need to role a little more the wind to be able to arrive direct and thank goodness we did a lot south these past days, it is time to tighten the course, good decision of Nicolas (very well) the boat is well balanced, this boat needs many sails but small.

We are living an atypical situation, we should already be sailing on a fin but the high pressure of the southern hemisphere is far west and is making us fight. However it would be an ideal position for the next great Polynesia-Chile crossing, we will see what happens on the way back…

How is the crew?

The atmosphere of the crew is good, this is the most important thing in a journey of this magnitude, I still say that this is a real big brother, different ages, nationalities and customs, we have been together for a month!

Today I hit myself again in the rump… How clumsy!

The secret crew member did not appear again…

We have changed the guard system again, how difficult it is for everyone to be happy, but we are fine-tuning little by little, my job here apart from being second on board is to ensure coexistence and I can assure you that it is not easy, at the moment I am getting it!

Do you want to know why we have stopped fishing in the Pacific?

The sea is beautiful, we have stopped fishing in the Pacific until we eat the fish we have, Hernán is a fishing professional, sailing with him is a guarantee of food and his wisdom on the sails does not stop enriching us. Peter is getting better and has almost no fever, we isolate his cutlery, we all take double ration of vitamin c and it seems that no one else got sick, we are lucky!

How is the Ocean?

Otherwise we continue sailing within a wonderful scenario, this ocean is immense and its purity is noticeable.

I keep dreaming of the new Expeditions, Objective Cape Horn has me crazy, then the Snowdrifts with their glaciers, waterfalls, whales, green and the mythical Beagle Channel what to tell you about Antarctica …

So give it cane, choose your dream, look at the Alegriamarineros.com page and let’s go!!!

Joy Sailors!!

My dream your dream

Let’s live it

Life is one and of one


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