We sail on a sailboat towards the Pia glacier

We sail on a sailboat towards the Pia glacier

The weather is a bit scrambled, the Beagle appears and disappears between the mist, rain and snow, blows in gusts and when these pass 40 knots you see the rain and sometimes the snow run through the Beagle, it is simply wonderful to feel the power of nature …

A while ago I told the crew that when I was walking through Uruguay with the group of Wifredo (a hug) and those of the Acal (greetings to all) I met Fiky in Piriápolis who told me “Pedro when you sail through the Beagle and you see mist coming … Get out of the way…” What good advice Fiky! heh, heh, Today as we are going just a few more miles, I decided not to get out of the way and gusts of more than 40 knots arrived, but we endured the pull … heh, je and we continue sailing on a sailboat towards the Pia glacier.

Follow us

After spending the night anchored in Caleta Olla with 4 other sailboats we have decided to set sail for the Pia, it seems that everyone is going to the Pia. Some of the boats are beginning to be old acquaintances, such as the Vinson of Antarctic that we took by stern, maybe we will get to visit it although it does not look like they invite us … at the moment I already invited you to enjoy the comforts of El Doblón, we will see …

The truth is that I am finding it everywhere in Antarctica, Puerto Williams, Caleta Olla, I think they are following us … he,je

As I would like to meet him and make a video for you to see the boat cucumber that is… I admit that it makes me envious…

The crew is very animated, everyone collaborates and you can tell that they want to live it… And don’t let them tell you…

Journeys to the heat

I remind you that in just over a month we sailed to Ecuador from Valdivia in the Copernicus that this journey makes me especially excited, for me it is to return to take the course of my life before the damn pandemic, I that you did not think it, we go to the heat … 2500 miles full of illusion. We will visit Robinson Crusoe Island, we can do trekking, even diving, There we will decide if we do an embroidery and we reach the north of Chile Bahía Inglesa and maybe we will escape to see the Atacama Desert, from there another great embroidery we will leave our starboard Peru and arrive in Ecuador (Salinas)

I’m coming, what are you going to do?
He, Heh

Joy Sailors
Let’s keep dreaming…

As you can tell that I have rested and I am stronger… A hug to all!


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