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We sail on the Humboldt Current

We sail on the Humboldt current, we head towards English Bay (Caldera)

We have 10 knots of apparent we receive it from closed stern, personally the course that I like the most is fin, we are going northwest and our course should be northeast (When dawn we will do an embroidery). We go with the genoa entangonado and the maneuver of changing the band is complicated and a bit dangerous, at night it is best to be still. We are about 125 miles away and as it should be we will arrive a while after dark, the opposite of what needs to be done. We do 6 to 9 knots depending on what the wave pushes…
The temperature is improving a little, I want to start complaining about the heat.

The watermaker

I just put the watermaker into operation, I had the mechanical pump stuck and after a few hours working with it it is already in full swing

The watermakers have their maintenance work, you have to put them to winter if you are time without using them and then you have to make them work almost every day so that the membrane endures … This is small, 30 liters an hour we will see how we manage with the issue of consumption, it is much better to say that we are bad water than to give them confidence (I mean the crew). It is incredible the amount of water that can be saved, you at home too… Remember that water is going to be a big problem in the future…

I pass the position in case ... you know

S 29.04.91
W 71.45.24
Heading 350
Speed from 6 to 10 knots
Temperature, improving
Mood of the crew, good but some dizzy

As far as we’re concerned, we’ve just started the great journey of my life… that started a few years ago, had a break of 2 years (I imagine you know that we have a global pandemic) and this changed all of our plans a little.

I really like to discover, that everything is new again, to leave friends around the world.

In the Horseshoe we have left a few, thanks to all, I would have liked to have more time to share, I saw the group of friends of the orange team again, I could take them out for a while to navigate, Nicolas, Millionaire, Pendrive, Jaime, Captain Emoti and his family, thanks to all for wrapping “this our dream”

Joy Sailors!!

How nice it is to be able to continue dreaming… Let’s do it together…

I am always sailing, here I feel good, you should not miss the opportunity if you want to live a chapter of “this our dream” so you have no excuse, throughout the year you sail in Alegría Marineros!!!

You just have to search our website, alegriamarineros.com and choose which part you want to make a reality…


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