Today we watch whales in Antarctica!

Joy Sailors!!
Today was simply a wonderful day of more than 20 hours of light.

We are anchored in Port LockRoy. We sailed in one go here, passing through the Melchior and the Gerlache channel. We enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime show, we were standing among whales, more than 20! divided into several families. We didn’t have to do anything, they were getting closer, they delighted us with their blows, their almost erotic movements. What a demonstration of power and serenity! Without any doubt they are the queens of La Mar.

Today for the first time I saw and felt their way of life, they ate in front of us as if it were a demonstration of dominion over us, they did not care about anything at all. On several occasions they created the bubble traps almost under the boat and left with their mouths open eating what they caught, with the natural trap they make, releasing air in circles and between them to enclose the Krill and eat again and again.

We didn’t approach them, we just stopped the boat, we stayed silent and they acted without any shame or respect. For them we are what we are, nothing at all in La Mar (simple visitors) without any authority in its waters … because they really are yours.

It was spectacular to spend more than two hours enjoying the reality of nature… They are indeed blessed by life.

Heading to Port LockRoy

After those two hours in the front row and feeling the unique sensation of arriving at the White Continent, we continue sailing towards Port Lockroy. We enter the Neumayer Canal, a canal no more than 1 mile wide by more than 10 miles long. We were between snowy mountains to the maximum, with a mixture of shades of light because the sun appeared in the shape of a leopard that really, can only be transmitted by feeling it here …

The crew came to order by giving instructions to the helmsman, dodging ice shells and icebergs.
Really what an intense day!
I have heard on 2 occasions today, that with what they have seen they are already satisfied… I need to listen to it 15 times to be happy…

How wonderful! Then we anchored in Puerto Lockroy and we were received in the southernmost museum shop in the world, one part museum and another part souvenir shop. In addition to acting as post offices, I sent a postcard from Antarctica, that’s just incredible.

The crew

The whole crew is very well, that’s what I perceive. I am happy, I have come to the cabin to spend some time with you and write a few words, I do not know why but you are part of my life, I need to tell you my feelings and share with you, I do not know you but I feel close, it is like a family relationship what I have with you …

Well that my clamp is going … Tonight (there is no night) we are anchored here, because tomorrow I expect more than 35 knots and gusts of 50, I think it is a good time to be still, rest well, sediment …

I send you the position in case you want to take a virtual tour here ...

S 64,49.29
W 63.29,5
Wind 22 knots
Anchored state
Water temperature 3 degrees
Atmospheric temperature 5 degrees
Today it snowed 2 times

This is wonderful and it doesn’t matter who tells you… You have to see it and live it…

Joy Sailors!

How beautiful it is to dream and also realize is already inexplicable.

My dream your dream

Let’s live it!


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