Today we are going to talk about work on ships

Joy Sailors!!

Yes, after two days jumping for joy, with winds of 35 knots, girding the face of a dog, taking a slightly strange course, calm came. It seems incredible how little time it takes for the sea to calm down and get angry. Now we are sailing peacefully under the moonlight… (like the song). We are close to Sala and Gomez Island, totally east of Rapa-Nui, our course should have been south-east but it was northeast… things of life…

Well we are already on course, there are 1750 miles we sail with motor heading 130 and it is assumed that in 24 hours we will have fin wind and we will not release it in a few days. Every night it is a little cooler, I already took out the sleeping bag, the savannah is no longer enough and I need a jacket at night. Particularly I prefer the heat to the cold but hey, let’s sail a few months because of the cold … nothing to write home about, even Antarctica hehehe


The crew is fine, we are tired, almost all of them have been on board since June 20, it’s been 3 months… Nico and I have been since March 9 with this piece of project, a huge mess. As soon as we arrive in Valdivia, Nico needs a vacation urgently, the work on the boats is exhausting and 7/24 becomes hard…

In my case I will not be able to rest, nor can I go to Spain to see Erika and Erasmo, the damn delay of the pilot’s bomb and the loss of time in Rapa-Nui (not at all) does not give me margin, I have many things to do on the boats to go south.Sailing trip to Cape Horn That’s why I’m ASKING FOR HELPERS !!! I CHANGE WORKING DAYS ON BOATS FOR MILES!!!
Write an email to [email protected]
They are already opening the borders of Chile and Argentina from October 10 to December 1 Valdivia / Ushuaia / Puerto Williams, you have to paint, varnish, pass cables, cook, upholstery and a thousand more things … In return I offer you to live and stay on the boat and teach you to sail from Valdivia to Ushuaia, 1500 miles… Then you will say that there are no opportunities to come and learn about ships…

Well there I leave it …

Heading to Valdivia

The fact is that we are already in the last stage of this great project, titanic, which gave me to get involved and I am stubborn to take it forward …

In about 14 days we will be arriving through the bay of corral and we will go up the Valdivia River to the nautical Kunstman, for a year my resting place or base port …

Valdivia is a very good option to winter or leave the boat for a while, it is protected and is fresh water…

Joy Sailors !!!

I pass the position so you can see that we spread little these days

S 26.58.91

W 105.17.58

Heading 129

Speed 5 knots

Wind 8 knots of 175

Cool temperature

Miles destination 1760

Joy Sailors!!

Let’s keep dreaming heading to the south of the world!


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